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Colour Summary

Colour Description
aeruginose verdigris-green, (malachite-green), the color of oxidized copper
alutaceous light leather colored, usually interpreted as light tan or medium yellow brown
argillaceous clay color, resembling ochraceous-cinnamon-brown
army brown vinaceous brown
avellaneous dull grayish brown, hazel-brown or light gray yellow brown closer to drab, in Ridgway 1912 a color closer to pinkish buff
azure sky-blue
badious dark red brown
bay red-brown approaching but lighter than chestnut
beige light grayish yellowish brown
benzo brown pale purplish brown, dark brownish violaceous, violaceous fuscous, in Ridgway 1912, gray brown with a pinkish tinge
bister blackish brown, a warm dark brown color, like sepia, dark yellow-brown
black will match with bister, bistre, black, blackish, dingy, dusky, fuliginous, fuscous, livid, slate, slaty smoky, sooty
blue will match with blue, bluish, livid, turquoise
bone brown dark vinaceous brown
brown will match with argillaceous, avellaneous, bay, bister, bistre, brick, brown, brownish, chestnut, cinnamon, clay, coffee, dingy, drab, ferruginous, foxy, fuliginous, fulvous, fuscous, hazel, honey, isabelline, rufous, rusty, russet, sienna, sepia, umber
brownish drab purple gray with slight brownish cast
buckthorn brown dull yellowish brown
buff a pale yellow toned with gray-brown, i.e. a dingy yellowish brown or very pale tan, will match with alutaceous, beige, brownish yellow, buff, buffy, fawn, honey, leather, sandy, tan, yellowish brown
buffy brown grayish brown
burnt sienna watery strong red brown, dark orange brown
caesious pale bluish-gray
candidous shining white
cartridge buff pale yellowish
chamois pale yellow
chartreuse a color between green and lemon yellow, apple green, the color of Letharia (wolf lichen)
chateura drab pale fuscous
chestnut dark red-brown
chrome-yellow intense or strong yellow; also can be deep orange or even reddish orange
cigar-brown a dark blackish brown, like that of the tobacco found in a cigar
cinereous ash-colored, dirty white
cinnabar deep bright rather orange red
cinnamon a light brown with a little pink
cinnamon-buff pale dingy tan
cinnamon-drab violaceous brown with only a faint cinnamon tint, pinkish gray-brown
citrine a light greenish yellow
citron yellow greenish yellow
clay color clay color, resembling dull ochraceous-cinnamon-brown, in Ridgway 1912 closer to ocher or bright yellow brown
cream-buff a moderately dark buff
crimson rich deep red inclining to purple
dingy color appearing grimy or dirty
drab a dull medium or brownish gray, dark gray with shades of yellow; gray-brown, dark gray with shades of yellow; gray with violet overtones; in Ridgway 1912, a gray-brown
drab gray brownish gray
Dresden brown dark yellowish brown
dusky somewhat dark, implies absence of light and color
eburneous white, like ivory
ecru light brown or the color of unbleached linen
ecru drab brownish gray with slight pinkish cast
ferruginous rusty red
fuliginous sooty brown or dark-smoke colored
fulvous fox-colored, deep orange to reddish orange, reddish cinnamon brown
fuscous color of a very dark storm cloud: variously described as combinations of gray, brown, purple, or black
fuscous-black a dark, dusky black or a black with a dark reddish-gray component
fuscous-brown a dark, dusky brown or a brown with a dark reddish-gray component
fuscous-purple purple with a dark reddish-gray component or somewhat dark (dusky) purple
gilvous a bright yellowish brown, yellowish leather colored
glaucous sea-gray; sea-blue-green; of cap, covered with white bloom, easily rubbed off
gray will match with cinereous, dingy, drab, dusky, fuliginous, fuscous, gray, grayish, grey, greyish, livid, silver, slate, slaty, smoky, sooty
green will match with green, greenish, olivaceous, olive, turquoise
hair brown grayish brown
hazel light to moderate yellowish brown; the color of the shell of the ripe hazelnut
hyaline colorless
incarnate flesh-colored
isabelline color of unbleached linen, dingy yellowish brown, pale tan, similar to alutaceous, in Ridgway 1912, isabella color is a yellow brown
kaiser brown deep ferruginous
latericeous brick-red
lilac the color of flowers of the lilac shrub, a pale purple or mauve
liver brown deep reddish brown
livid a dark blue-gray color
luteous dull egg-yellow
lutescent becoming luteous
madder brown moderate grayish red
magenta brilliant mauvish crimson
maroon brownish crimson
Mars brown dark rusty brown
mauve pale purple
mummy brown very dark brown with no violet tinge
Natal brown dark brown with a reddish-vinaceous cast
ochraceous ochre-yellowish, yellow-orange with a brownish tinge
ochraceous-buff a very pale but dingy yellow
ochraceous-tawny like the color of a dingy or dirty lion
ochre between warm buff and yellow to brownish orange
olivaceous olive gray-brown; with an olive shade
orange will match with amber, apricot, bay, burnt sienna, cinnabar, ferruginous, foxy, fulvous, golden, orange, peach, rufous, russet, rusty, saffron, tawny, vermilion
pallid very pale in color, almost a dull whitish
pecan brown orangy pinkish brown
pink will match with flesh, incarnate, magenta, pink, red, rose, salmon
plumbeous lead-gray
Prout's brown dark yellow-brown, warm mid-brown
Quaker drab medium gray
raw sienna brownish yellow-orange, bright yellow brown
red will match with brick, cinnabar, crimson, ferruginous, incarnate, magenta, maroon, red, rose, rufous, russet, rusty, scarlet, vermilion, vinaceous, wine
Rood's brown dark purplish brown
rufous brownish red
russet reddish-brown
Saccardo's umber close to date brown, dark yellow brown
salmon-buff a dingy pink
sanguineous blood-red
Sayal brown close to cinnamon in color; between a moderate orange and a moderate yellowish-brown
scarlet a brilliant red color slightly tinged with orange
sepia a moderate brown; a brownish gray to a dark olive-brown
sienna raw sienna is brownish yellow-orange or bright yellow brown; burnt sienna is a watery strong red brown or dark orange brown
snuff-brown same as tobacco-brown, a dark sepia
tan leather-colored, similar to undressed leather
tawny approximately the color of a lion, between yellow brown and rusty brown; used by some as more orange, fox-colored, equivalent to fulvous
testaceous brown mixed with yellow or red, close to brick color, in Ridgway 1912, an orangy pink
tobacco brown the color of tobacco as it is found in a cigar or cigarette
umber a deep dull dark brown, smoky brown; earth brown sometimes with a very slight reddish tinge
umbrinous olive-brown; umber
vermilion a bright red color with a strong orange tinge
Verona brown dull cinnamon, dull reddish cinnamon
Victoria lake deep red
vinaceous the color of red wine or red wine stains; a paler or grayish red; dull pinkish brown to dull grayish purple
vinaceous-drab purple-gray
violaceous of some violet hue
violet will match with fuscous, lavender, lilac, maroon, mauve, purple, vinaceous, violet, violaceous, wine
warm buff pale yellowish buff
warm sepia dark dull vinaceous brown, dark dingy cinnamon
white will match with cream, ivory, pallid, silver, white, whitish
wine wine-colored; will match with wine-colored, winy, vinaceous
wood brown dark avellaneous
yellow will match with amber, citrine, cream, golden, honey, saffron, sandy, straw, yellow, yellowish